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Friday, February 11, 2011

Doa Qunut

Dua Qunut


Allah hum mahdinee feeman hadayta,

Wa 'afinee feeman 'afayta,

wata wal-lane feeman twal-layta

wa barik lee feema a'taita,

waqinee shar-ra ma qadayta,

fa-innaka taqdee wala yuqda 'alayk,

innahu laa Yazil-lu man walayt,

wala ya'iz-zu man 'adaita,

tabarakta rabbana wata 'alaita,

nastaghfiruka wanatubu ilayka,

Wa sal-lal lahu alan-nabee.


Oh Allah, make me among those whom You have guided,

and make me among those whom You have saved,

and make me among those whom You have chosen, and bless whatever
you have given me,

and protect me from the evil which you have decreed; verily,

You decide the things and nobody can decide against You;

 and none whom You have committed to Your care shall be humiliated and none whom You have taken as an enemy shall taste glory.

You are blessed, our Lord, and Exalted, we ask for Your forgiveness and turn to You.

 Peace and mercy of Allah be upon the Prophet.

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