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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arabic Alphabets

Arabic Alphabets

ء hamzahtun
ا alifun
ب ba-un
ت ta-un
ث tha-un
ج jee-mun
ح ha-un
خ kha-un
د da-lun
ذ dha-lun
ر ra-un
ز za-yun
س see-nun
ش shee-nun
ص swa-dun
ض dwa-dun
ط twa-un
ظ zwa-un
ع 'ayn-un
غ ghainun
ف fa-un
ق qa-fun
ك ka-fun
ل la-mun
م mee-mun
ن noo-nun
و wa-un
ه ha-un
ى ya-un

Source:Arabic made easy(by Abul Hashim)

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