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Friday, April 16, 2010

Surah Ash Shura :13-15

The Religion of Islam has been the same for all Prophets.Sura 42: 13 to 15 reads:
"Allah has ordained in the Faith what He had enjoined upon Noah and what We have revealed to you, and what We have empowered upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus. Saying,Estabish the faith and be not divided in it.Grievous to the Polytheists is that to which you call them.Allah chooses for Himself whom He will and Allah guides to Himself him who turns in patience.Therefore call men to the True Faith follow the straight path as you are bidden.Do not follow their desires, but say,"I believe in all the Scriptures that Allah has revealed. I am commanded to exercise justice among you.Allah is our Lord and your Lord. Allah will bring us all together,for to Him we shall return.Allah has shown us the right way and wants us to follow the Law of Religion".

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